The International Women's Day Centenary
- celebrating 100 years of women in Western Australia

WA Women’s Hall of Fame

The WA Women’s Hall of Fame was first established in 2011 in recognition of the Centenary of International Women’s Day held annually on 8th March. One hundred women were inducted at the centenary, across a range of sectors and celebrating a diverse set of achievements.

It’s purpose is to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Western Australian women past, present and future.

The Hall of Fame was bolstered by the creation of a Roll of Honour in 2012, to formally acknowledge women who were no longer with us but whose efforts were critical to the State’s social and economic development.

In 2013, women’s groups were celebrated with a landmark research project entitled “Women's Business: Mapping Women's Groups in Western Australia.”

Women’s group have played an integral role in shaping Western Australia for more than 120 years. Whether small, medium or large, existing for a brief period or spanning decades, or designed as a social group or for political lobby, all have helped to make the State what it is today.

In the words of human rights activist Christine Karumba;

  “One woman can achieve anything,
Many women can change everything”

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